Saturday, March 9, 2013

Departure of the Violets

 این هم ترجمه‌ی جدید من از «کوچ بنفشه‌ها»‌ی شفیعی کدکنی به مناسبت نزدیک شدنِ بهار

In the last days of March
departure of the migrant violets
is beautiful
In the bright midday of March
When they move the violets
from beneath the cool shades
wearing the satin robe  
of the fragrant breeze of spring
with root and soil
their portable fatherland
in small wooden planter boxes
to the corner of the street
Stream of a thousand murmurs
boiling in me
If one could
one day
like violets
in boxes filled with soil
take his motherland
along with himself
wherever heart desired
In the brightness of the rain
In the freshness of the sun


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