Saturday, January 29, 2011

Leila Baradaran Jamili on "Joyce"

"Some Persian words are used throughout the text [Finnegans Wake]. Most of these words are basic Persian words used both in daily speech and in written texts. Thus, it gives not only a jolt of pleasure but also so much exquisite joy to the Persian reader. For example, in “Anna Livia Plurabelle,” Joyce successfully used three hundred and fifty river names. In a talk with Max Eastman about this chapter, he remarked on his use of so many river names, and said that he [Joyce] “liked to think how some day, way off in Tibet or Somaliland, (or even in Persia) some boy or girl in reading that little book would be pleased to come upon the name of his or her home river.” The Anna Livia chapter includes the name of Persian river “Arras” or Rud-e Aras in the north-west of Iran."

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