Monday, December 27, 2010

I Am My Own Queen

I don't understand why my silly sister wants to spend Christmas with "family". I have no idea why she wants to suffer days and days of sitting idly together with "family", doing nothing but eating and watching TV. What's so fun about having others prepare your meals for you and make you feel useless? What's so fun about surrendering the control over your holiday plans to "family"?

I do not understand her. For me, there are only a handful of people in my "family" that I would actually want to sit together with and have a cup of tea.

My sister though? She is a fan of extended holiday trips.. long, long hours at their houses, pretending to laugh at every silly little detail of their superficial, moronic lives. She is not superficial herself, at least most of the times she is not. But she's not bothered by wasting her time among superficial people either. What's up with that?!

I guess I'm just getting so used to spending time alone.. I guess I'm not able to deal with meaningless people in my life anymore.. I don't care about the small talk I have to make with you.. I don't care about you, why should I? We have nothing in common. This living in exile has made me a loner. I don't enjoy company of the people anymore. The number of my friends drops every day. I feel like I will never be able to "happily" live in the same house with other people again. I'm so used to being alone and it's nice. But disaster arrives when other people want me to mingle.

I guess I'm just not ready to give up being the only queen of my own apartment.

I wrote this to remind myself that I prefer the day-to-day life I have: waking up early, going to interesting and challenging classes, thinking about my life: what will become of me, what will I become, what, what?

That's the kind of life that I enjoy. And I do not regret a second of it and I've never wished I could instead be living under the same roof with my parents and their endless meddling. I'm not a family person. I'm just simply NOT. And I will never understand what my sister is always complaining about, why she is always wishing to live with "family", to have less to study, to be less challenged..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sunny Dreams

Summer stretched its legs
Over my warm body.

The cold will not kill you today --
Maybe tomorrow.

In the morning they will pull out
The remains of you
from under the pile of snow.

Black pigeons have lived on top of you for a night,
Have left brown souvenirs,
Have made your flawless existence

Saturday, December 11, 2010

چطوری می‌شه توی این سال‌ها هنوز هم شعر عاشقانه‌ای گفت که آدم رو بلرزونه؟
این سه خط رو آخه چی کار کنیم؟

And everywhere that spacious blue:
I woke, and lying next to you
Knew all that I had dreamt was true.

Richard Davis

Thursday, December 9, 2010

صبح‌شو کانادا؟

دوست دارم توی کشور خودم زندگی کنم برای این که اگر یک روزی اینجا، وبلاگی مثل صبح‌شو راه بندازن ملت کانادایی، من قیافه‌ی هیچ‌کدوم از آدمهای توش رو نخواهم شناخت و دیگه یکی از تفریحام گشتن توی عکساش و پیدا کردن قیافه‌های آشنا نخواهد بود.
هر چند که تقریبا تمام کسانی که آشنا در اومدن بین این همه عکس، خارج می‌شینن خودشون.

ژانر: این وبلاگرای دانشجوی تازه مهاجرت کرده به کانادا

نکته:‌هیچ‌کدوم از ونکوور نیستن

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cohen in the Shower

Playlist Name:

L. Cohen in the Shower

- A Thousand Kisses Deep
- Suzanne
- A Thousand Kisses Deep
- The Future

Saturday, December 4, 2010

لپ‌تاپ مستشار

عاشق این تیکه‌ی قهوه‌ی تلخ شدم که مهران مدیری و امیر مهدی ژوله برای حل کردن مشکل بزرگی توی فیلمنامه، که حل نشدنش به بقیه‌ی فیلم لطمه می‌زد -یعنی تموم شدن شارژ باطری لپ‌تاپ مستشار- به جای این که کلی ژانگولر بزنن، راست‌راست با پررویی تمام یه باطری لیتیوم دوبل اضافه انداختن تو جیب بولوتوس.

طنز و مسخره‌بازی در حد اعلی.

این مشکلی هست که لابد همه بعد از تموم شدن شارژ باطری لپ‌تاپ مستشار کلی بهش فکر کردن و دغدغه پیدا کردن که چطوری می‌شه حلش کرد.
و مطمئنم اگر از روش‌هایی که به بقیه‌ی فیلم و اون برهه‌ی تاریخی می‌خورد استفاده می‌کردن که لپ‌تاپ مستشار رو دوباره روشن کنن، انقدر مهیج و ناب نمی‌بود.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

پشت هر شاهنامه‌ای زنی خوابیده یا نشسته

به‌به! آدم کیف می‌کنه. در نوشته شدن شاهنامه توسط فردوسی هم زنی نقش اصلی رو داشته. این‌طور که می‌گن برای درآوردن پول جهیزیه دخترش دست به قلم برده.

According to Nezami, Ferdowsi was a dehqan (landowner), deriving a comfortable income from his estates. He had only one child, a daughter, and it was to provide her with a dowry that he set his hand to the task that was to occupy him for more than 30 years.



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