Saturday, February 13, 2010

Melody & Chanson

To you cousin, with whom I grew up
and learned to love, first toys and then boys.

"Nothing ever happens round here"
This is December 18th, 2009.
They took you 54 days later
to prove you wrong;
things still happen round here.

Not good things,
as I suppose you were talking about.

But bad things happen
and when you come back
the whole world will be
your oyster;
you will start to fall in love
with the fresh morning air at half past eight,
when you are heading out to yet another day
that is not happening the way you had in mind
when you were a kid and we
did our homeworks together.
I always finished faster and your mum
would complain that you were not quick enough,
what she didn't notice was that you took so long
because you wanted to have the perfect handwriting,
and you would press the pencil on the paper so harsh,
that you had to sharpen it every few minutes.

Is this too, still, the reason you are taking so long
to come out of that cell they trapped you in;
or is it because those old days that we went to
the same school and you
would appear at our door half an hour early,
in the morning, with your backpack of sandwiches and snacks,
you were being so quick just because
your mum would help you get ready and deep inside,
you were still the same girl who wanted to have everything
and sharp
and bold,
and would take hours and sometimes days to end simple stupid things?


To my younger cousin, who,
despite being taller and braver,
to me is still a sweet little kid.

The day they took you,
I saw a squirrel,
trying to get into our house,
through the half open window.

5 minutes later,
she was down the stairs,
and afterwards
she was completely gone.

and in its place,
a fat black cat,
with shiny yellow eyes
staring at me.

When we were leaving 5 months ago,
you told us to take pictures of
squirrels jumping from trees to bushes,
from bushes to trees,
and send them to you.

Here they are,
all merged into one
forming a real, live squirrel,
once jumping from trees to bushes,
from bushes to trees,
was caught in the thorns
of a blooming red rose.

I walk past every squirrel in town thinking about you,
and I'm not scared of them anymore,
and I swear, if once again I see one of them
trying to make her way into our house,
I will open the window and let her in.


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