Monday, January 11, 2010

Episode 770th: long silence

Talk to me
you who are standing there by the other side.

Talk to me of the great kings you have seen,
the tragedies you have created,
talk to me of all the hearts you have broken
in disguise.
You as an angel,
you who at first flew to them with your wings opened,
you who have always been there, standing your ground to me.

Torture is a fact
and we all suffer,

But you,
You behind the mountains,
you who live in the last street of my city.

I remember the green fences,
on my right, happy side as we went up north;
the highway,
the dark green fences of my past,
the cold as we escaped into the car,
the perfect weather
a mixture of sun and clouds.

A mixture of me and you
and the wind that blew us apart.

“Make me breakfast in the morning before I wake up!”

Morning is not here yet,
breakfast is ready,
but you who will forever be asleep to me are not.


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