Sunday, January 24, 2010

توی آفتاب داغ رفتیم توی پمپ بنزین. به زور ازت جدا شده بودم رفته بودم سفارت. توی آفتاب داغ تهران که مثل آفتاب بی جون و لاغر مونترال نیست و با حرارتش همه رو می سوزونه. دو ساعت ازت جدا شده بودم. مصاحبه کرده بودم، مصاحبه ای که تعیین کرد می تونم خیلی بیشتر از این ازت جدا بشم. من رفتم توی پاکت و پست شدم.
توی آفتاب داغ رفتیم توی پمپ بنزین. تو پیاده شدی و من منتظر. یک ماه بعد من از هواپیما پیاده شدم و تو منتظر شدی. از روی آتلانتیک می گذشتم و تو نیومده بودی فرودگاه بدرقه م. چه خوب که نیومدی. نمی خواستم آخرین نگاهمون به هم از پشت شیشه های غریبه باشه. آخرین نگاهمون به هم از پشت شیشه های اشنای ماشینت بود. من رو پیاده کردی و رفتی. به سرعت. هواپیما هم سرعتش زیاد بود. ولی اقیانوس تموم نمی شد. ساعت ها ادامه داشت. ماه ها ادامه داره.
توی آفتاب داغ رفتیم توی پمپ بنزین. من سرما خورده بودم. وسط مرداد. هر دومون می دونستیم و دانایی سایه ی سیاهش رو انداخته بود بالای ماه آخر. توی آفتاب داغ، ما توی سایه بودیم. تو سوار ماشین شدی. تن ت اینجا نیست. صدات هست. تصویرت از پشت شیشه هست. همیشه از پشت شیشه. تویی که توی پمپ بنزین سوار ماشین شدی و تن ت کنار من نشست. حرکت می کردیم و آفتاب می افتاد روی تن ت. داغ داغ بودی. آفتاب. سایه. آفتاب. سایه.
اینجا فقط سایه هست. آفتاب توی تهران جا موند.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Joey's Smartest Speech

(In London, the day before Ross's wedding)

Chandler [pointing to the hat Joey wants to buy]: Alright, look! If you insist on wearing that, in public, you know, you're gonna spend the rest of the afternoon all by yourself.
Joey: You're gonna make me choose between you and the hat? I choose the hat!

Joey and Chandler in London
about minute 2:00

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Summer I Turned Twenty

They grew us up
Those midsummer nights on the roof of the neighbour,

As a kid I asked my mother
about the tragedies of her time,
how people would use open air as their tribune,
how she dreaded all her past.

Fathers claimed to have lost their youth,
to some hundred days of war and uprising.

But up,
they did not rise,
they grew.

And then,
they became our parents,
whom we thought had no childhood.

And now on the same path,
the same nation,
the same always dissatisfied men,
on the verge of growing up
into adults with no history about
how they preyed on the neighbour's daughter,
instead of waiting to hear them shout at a certain hour each night.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Middle Number

You are not my first love,
first loves are bound to disappear.
You are not my first love,
I have loved a million times before you,
long enough to know that
none of those compared to this.

When they left, I said,
"Along comes another one",
when you left, I looked at myself from above,
saw my own body dismissed from the earth.

You are not my first love,
first loves do not outlive our own selves.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

six lines

Our Green started in summer
after the spring of hopes dried.

They cried.

Out of this drought,
I will bloom flowers tied to the ground.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Episode 770th: long silence

Talk to me
you who are standing there by the other side.

Talk to me of the great kings you have seen,
the tragedies you have created,
talk to me of all the hearts you have broken
in disguise.
You as an angel,
you who at first flew to them with your wings opened,
you who have always been there, standing your ground to me.

Torture is a fact
and we all suffer,

But you,
You behind the mountains,
you who live in the last street of my city.

I remember the green fences,
on my right, happy side as we went up north;
the highway,
the dark green fences of my past,
the cold as we escaped into the car,
the perfect weather
a mixture of sun and clouds.

A mixture of me and you
and the wind that blew us apart.

“Make me breakfast in the morning before I wake up!”

Morning is not here yet,
breakfast is ready,
but you who will forever be asleep to me are not.

Friday, January 8, 2010

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