Saturday, October 3, 2009

At The Coffeehouse Thinking Of The Teahouse

I remember the late afternoon
we had a rendezvous in your regular teahouse,
our regular teahouse,
it was first yours, a couple of months past our friendship,
and it became mine too.

I remember the late afternoon
we sat there on the wooden bench
at the table and the puff of smoke
rising from our table, theirs, everyone's,
I hated breathing that air, I hated it at first,
and then I got used to it because I got used to you
and it was an inseparable part of our get-togethers thereafter.

I remember the late afternoon
when the light went out and
something extraordinary happened,
suddenly you were not the person you always were
the bubble around you had burst,
as if gone into the hookah instead,
sitting next to its lover, the 'hubble',
and you agreed to hold my hand
and didn't mention anything about the
tackiness of holding hands in public.

I remember the late afternoon
you were amazing
like always
like always that nothing is quiet
we never had a sunny sky
even in our most sunny days,
there was a hint of a cloud

and today, as I sit at the Starbucks,
four thousand miles away from home,
there are a million clouds above me
and a million more fights we should share,
a sign that a million more days are going to come our way.

من هم به جمع باکلاس ها پیوستم و اومدم از استارباکس آنلاین شدم! هاها.. البته من واقعاَ از قهوه خیلی خوشم نمیاد و میخوام آبمیوه سفارش بدم.
اومدم درس بخونم برای همینم نمیتونم زیاد حرف مفت بزنم.
هوا هم ابری هست و اینجا قلب خارجه.


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