Friday, May 1, 2009

I look at people and find you
in their sways and ways
although you may not be there;

I can find you in the air they breathe,
in the words they talk,
in the tuned moves of their bodies,
in the turn of their neck
when they start to look up,
it resembles you, to me,
when you sat and i stood in front of you,
you looked up and
there I was,
ready to be hugged.

I look at the world and
you come from afar,
from the corner of the screen
to the center,
starting to glare;
when the light is out
and there's nothing but darkness,
you come to save me.

Like a Disney movie
before the film actually starts,
you are the word written in big fonts,
right there in the title.

I look at the world
and all becomes you.


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