Sunday, May 24, 2009

من معنی انتظار رو خوب می‌دونم
معنی رسیدن به انتظار رو
معنی آرزو کردن رو و بعد دیدن این که یک ربع بعدش، یک ساعت بعدش، یک روز بعدش،
تو بهم زنگ می‌زنی و از دور
ماشین سیاه همیشگی‌ت پیدا می‌شه
که گاهی وقت‌ها تمیزه
و گاهی وقت‌ها کثیف،
و تو همیشه از بیرون شیشه
با کله‌ای که همیشه
چه پُر مو مثل یه درخت،
چه کچل مثل بیابون،
از دور منو صدا می‌زنه
و می‌گه: تو آرزو می‌کنی
من جواب می‌دم

تو آرزو می‌کنی
من جوابشم


تو ناخدای من بودی
هر جا می‌گفتی من می‌رفتم
اگر یک لحظه می‌رفتی از پیشم
حتی در حد همین یک توالت رفتن معمولی
من زانوی غم بغل می‌گرفتم

تو ناخدای من بودی
تو منُ از میون همه‌ی این طوفان‌ها
همه‌ی این موج‌های ترسناک
رد کردی

تو ناخدای من بودی
من رو بردی اون طرف اقیانوس
و پیاده‌م کردی.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Year Gone By

Returning to this year,
all the years ahead
wishing to return to this year,
this one year
this one best year
this one, passed, best year
this only perfect year in my life
with all its imperfection

wishing to return to this year;
dreaming of it at nights and
writing books about it in the
early hours of the afternoon
alone with myself and a cup of tea
(i will never get drunk on coffee
tea will always remain my drink
as a habit you shaped in me
as a symbol of all the habits that you shaped in me)

this year will remain with me
as it was
golden, blue, green,
with little flakes of snow
here and there;

like that cup of tea
that red, brownish, cup of leaves
soaking in water as if drowning
drowning and dead
wishing to rise again,
this year will always remain with me

None of it will move in my head
none of it will differ
none of it will become better
or will get eternal

this year as it was
with leaves of red here and there
and little shades of white on the ground

this year
as it was
as it will always be,
eternally be
with all its mortality.

Friday, May 1, 2009

You're the best thing that has ever happened to me..

I look at people and find you
in their sways and ways
although you may not be there;

I can find you in the air they breathe,
in the words they talk,
in the tuned moves of their bodies,
in the turn of their neck
when they start to look up,
it resembles you, to me,
when you sat and i stood in front of you,
you looked up and
there I was,
ready to be hugged.

I look at the world and
you come from afar,
from the corner of the screen
to the center,
starting to glare;
when the light is out
and there's nothing but darkness,
you come to save me.

Like a Disney movie
before the film actually starts,
you are the word written in big fonts,
right there in the title.

I look at the world
and all becomes you.


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