Friday, December 19, 2008

Ode to all the people that looked up one day
and saw that their days are gone

We are often told
Not to be dark
Not to have
Deathlike, depressing thoughts.
Cheap psychology books always talk about
Viewing the glass half full
What nobody pays attention to,
Is that sometimes
Reality heals more;
That sometimes
All we need
Is to be able to talk about our loss
Write an elegy,
or mourn over it loud.
Sometimes we need to appreciate
Bad lucks, horrifying events,
Sometimes we have to look back at them and
Yell that we know what has happened
And that we also know
there is perhaps nothing better on its way yet.
We all are terrible actors,
We act as if we see everything the same as before
And give the watchers the feel that
This is not a show but,
A reality that we live each day
We go so deep into acting that
Reality is lost and with it the victims,
The ones we were trying to heal
By making up an unreal scene and
Distracting their attention.
We go so deep into acting that
We suddenly start to see only ourselves and
Applaud for our own success in
making them forget their loss,
While poor victims are still
Conscious and aware of what the actors were trying to make them forget.
We are such good actors,
That we forget we were acting
And why.
We are indeed successful
In neglecting the truth,
But we are no battle-men and we haven't killed anything and anybody ever by this.


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