Wednesday, December 31, 2008

کلاً شب ژانویه، برنامه‌های این آقای Andre Rieu از شبکه‌‌ی ZDF رو از دست ندین. سال‌تون بدشگون می‌شه.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

note to my biographers

If anytime anybody decided to write my biography, please start it with a sentence like this, "She believed nothing was sacred, and that holiness had made the world the terrible mess it was." And please, for your lover's sake, note that, "She strongly insisted that she didn't even think of poetry as sacred, because that was exactly what had made her love poetry: unholiness. She believed that mankind has the right to question anything and that there is no absolute truth and nobody is perfect, especially not the prophets or religions, and that all fail to see clearly at some point." And make this obvious that, "Although she might have sometimes seemed to think of herself as the best poet in the world, she by no means really believed that crap. She only needed to think like that to gain the power to go on."

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ode to all the people that looked up one day
and saw that their days are gone

We are often told
Not to be dark
Not to have
Deathlike, depressing thoughts.
Cheap psychology books always talk about
Viewing the glass half full
What nobody pays attention to,
Is that sometimes
Reality heals more;
That sometimes
All we need
Is to be able to talk about our loss
Write an elegy,
or mourn over it loud.
Sometimes we need to appreciate
Bad lucks, horrifying events,
Sometimes we have to look back at them and
Yell that we know what has happened
And that we also know
there is perhaps nothing better on its way yet.
We all are terrible actors,
We act as if we see everything the same as before
And give the watchers the feel that
This is not a show but,
A reality that we live each day
We go so deep into acting that
Reality is lost and with it the victims,
The ones we were trying to heal
By making up an unreal scene and
Distracting their attention.
We go so deep into acting that
We suddenly start to see only ourselves and
Applaud for our own success in
making them forget their loss,
While poor victims are still
Conscious and aware of what the actors were trying to make them forget.
We are such good actors,
That we forget we were acting
And why.
We are indeed successful
In neglecting the truth,
But we are no battle-men and we haven't killed anything and anybody ever by this.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

یک خانومی هست به اسم Christian Carter که البته اسمش تو مایه‌های Mr. Smith می‌باشد و تابلوئه که اسم مستعاره. اما به هر حال، این خانوم هر چند روز یک بار برای من ایمیل‌هایی می‌زنه راجع به این که چطوری با پسرها و دوست‌پسرتون رفتار کنید و از این مجله‌زردی‌ها، البته یک مقدار بهتر. بعد گاهی به شدت موضوعی که مطرح می‌کنه و جواب می‌ده (ایمیل‌هاش به صورت سؤال و جوابه)، به وقایع اون روز زندگی من اشاره داره. مثلاً امروز برگشته پرسیده:
"ستی! خسته شدی از بس روزهای تعطیل تنها بودی؟"
خلاصه که اگر شما هم مشکلاتی از این دست دارید، برید اسمش رو سرچ کنید و مشترک مطالبش بشید. من راستش نمی‌‌دونم این من رو از کجا گیر آورده، چون من هیچ‌جا عضو نشده بودم. اما احتمالاً یه چند بار به سایت‌های این‌طوری سرک کشیدم، فکر کرده خیلی احتیاج به نصیحت دارم و خیلی زندگی‌م ایراد داره (کیه که انکار کنه)، خودش اتوماتیک اومده به میل‌باکسم.

Friday, December 5, 2008

من نمی‌خوام گرگ باشم؛ نمی‌تونم بدجنس باشم، نمی‌تونم آدم‌های بدجنس رو درک کنم.
نمی‌خواهم هم برّه باشم؛ نمی‌خوام همه منو بذارن تو جیبشون، نمی‌خوام کسی اذیتم کنه.
نمی‌شه یه حیوون ِ دیگه‌ای باشم؟

Monday, December 1, 2008


One might wonder
that I would rather
be a sun
than a star
but what one might not consider
is that
the sun
is only one
a star
neighbouring stars.

It's always better to live in a
community that has borrowed its light
from an eternal external source,
than to be the ONE

Although for ages
have told the reverse.

Who bears such
else than
who go aloof
not noticing me?


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