Thursday, October 2, 2008

State of Quiescence

Woman to man;
I'm so sick
of your dick.

we were all at some point
in the same place
what seperated us?

we worshipped one sun
the branches, the leaves,
and the grass

we swam together
down the Seine
you bought me a bikini there

you taught me how to be
how to ignore what
made me not be

I had my own views
you had yours
we learned to be patient

but at some point
in time
at some level
of life
you unlearn everything,
you unprogress
you don't go back
you stand still.

پ.ن. این شعر برای هیچ‌کس نیست. به هیچ شخص حقیقی‌ای هم توش اشاره نشده.


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