Wednesday, May 28, 2008

endless time;
weird acts of
weird alcohol drunks
everything healthy has long been gone.


Will human-kind
all those things lost
or replace them with new better ones?

Perhaps the definition for words
has changed;
health means no more health in the sense that it used to be.

what's wrong?

if you can't bear the alteration period

Are you really expecting me,
a poet without logic,
a human with a job that is said to be only dealing with senses rather than mind,
to give you advice here on
what to do
if this if exists?

You've taken me more serious than I really am.
I am nothing more than a

To most people at least.

But there are also people that claim
I am the God.

But no-one really has any ideas
what I really am.
No-one including me.


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