Wednesday, May 28, 2008

endless time;
weird acts of
weird alcohol drunks
everything healthy has long been gone.


Will human-kind
all those things lost
or replace them with new better ones?

Perhaps the definition for words
has changed;
health means no more health in the sense that it used to be.

what's wrong?

if you can't bear the alteration period

Are you really expecting me,
a poet without logic,
a human with a job that is said to be only dealing with senses rather than mind,
to give you advice here on
what to do
if this if exists?

You've taken me more serious than I really am.
I am nothing more than a

To most people at least.

But there are also people that claim
I am the God.

But no-one really has any ideas
what I really am.
No-one including me.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

ادبیات فارسی، به معنای واقعی هم‌خانواده‌ی "مؤدب" هست
نکته‌ی جالب توجهی که می‌خوام به حضورتون عرض کنم، اینه که، در زبان لاتین، libera یا liberum به معنی "free" و "unrestrained" هست که در زبان فارسی می‌شه "آزاد". لغت دیگری هم از همین ریشه، یعنی liber، در زبان لاتین وجود دارد: libri. که به معنی "کتاب" هست.
از اون‌جایی که اغلب، ادبیات توسط کتاب هست که منتقل می‌شه، می‌تونیم بگیم که ادبیات لاتین، هدفش "رهایی‌بخشی" هست، و ادبیات فارسی (ادبیات کلیشه‌ای و سنتی بیشتر)، هدفش "در بندِ آداب و رسوم کشیدن".
البته نوشته‌ی من، مؤثر از حضور در کلاس ادبیاتی هست که استادش عاشق ادبیات تعلیمی فارسی ئه. و اینجانب به سعدی توهینی نکرده‌ام آق‌داداش.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stop pretending to be good

Stop pretending to be good

Stop pretending to be good

Stop pretending to be good

Stop pretending to be good

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sunday night it rained;
I had such a life
I took my thoughts to Madame Dy
There I sat an hour
Had a cup of coffee and a tea
Others were expected soon too
But I didn't wait.
I sat there and said nothing
I was cold
Then took my coat and left
For a Monday morning.

People say by then
Life will have completely started
But I can't wait
I am out of time.

I sleep one-third of all my days
And eat one-eighth of the rest,
Fourteen hours left
I go to school
There we have a panorama in front of us
Of our whole life
How we're gonna spend it
There we get much use of our time
Every course teaches us something new
Something we barely ever knew
How we grow old
And time goes to eternal sleep
Then we'll become dust and dirt
Like grandmama
We'll be buried in a hole deeply dug

I get so much use of my time that
When it sleeps
I want to wake it up.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

اصولاً کسایی که در ساختن ِ زبان ِ فعلی ما نقش بسزایی داشتن، چرا به این فکر نکردن که به جای دو کلمه‌ی جدا از هم ِ "عاشق" و "معشوق"، که نشون‌دهنده‌ی یک "عشق یک‌طرفه" هستن، یک کلمه‌ای بسازن که نشون بده طرف هم "عاشق" و هم "معشوق" هست؟ واقعاً جای خالی همچین لغتی در ادبیات فارسی به شدت احساس می‌‌شه (لااقل توسط من که احساس می‌شه). همه‌ی ادبیات ِ ریدمون ِ فارسی، پر هست از "لیلی و مجنون" و فلان و بیسار. دریغ از یک‌دونه عشق درست‌وحسابی.
در ادبیات انگلیسی هم معادلش "lover" و "beloved" هست اما خیلی جاها هم دیدم که به جای جفتش، از "lover" استفاده می‌کنن.


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